PukanaLa PU-K2 All Solid Acacia Ukulele

$350.00 $199.00

Product Description

This PukanaLa professional level ukulele from the PU-K Series is one of our most classic models. It is made of all-solid acacia and the tone range is very wide. It can be very warm when playing something slow like a ballad, yet it can be very powerful when playing something fast. The precision of the sound is also top-notch. The capability of this instrument is beyond imagination. Players can create a wealth of sounds with these amazing instruments and  the capability and precision of these instruments is superb, with abundantly crisp and clear clean tones and gentle lingering sustain.  When you play this wonderful instrument you can just feel yourself begging to be immersed by the sweet tones put out by this wonderful little uke. This all solid ukulele is equipped with the finest tuners, Worth professional strings, Abalone inlay on the headstock, and all of the features one would expect in a high quality professional ukulele.

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