Hohner 3P1501BX-U

Hohner 3P1501BX Bluesband Value Pack

Keys of C, A, G


Product Description

This value pack contains 3 harmonicas, one in the key of C, one in the key of A, and one in the key of G. The Bluesband Harmonicas are economical 10 hole harmonicas for all ages.They have a plastic comb and are designed for beginner level players in the rhythm and blues style. Diatonic, single reed harmonicas feature reeds tuned to produce the natural notes of the musical scale without any additional sharps and flats (a diatonic instrument). They are ten hole instruments with the four middle holes comprising a complete eight note octave the holes on either side permit chord playing. They are capable of producing bending and overblowing, which will allow the player to achieve sharps and flats.

  • 3 harmonicas in one package: Keys of G, A, & C
  • Great Starter Set
  • Molded Plastic Body
  • Stainless Steel Covers
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